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-Done on 5/13/99-   
Psychic Force 2 Details Revealed Copyright Taito, 1999
Psychic Force 2 (Source- Taito)
Taito revealed details on their upcoming PSX game "Psychic Force 2". 

While Psychic Force 2 will be based on the arcade game "Psychic Force 2012", the game will have 5 additional arrangements as follows. 

1- Additional Characters 
In addition to the 10 main characters and 3 hidden characters (Burn, Wong Keith) in the game, the PSX version will have another 3 renewed characters from Psychic Force 1-   Sonya, Brad, and Shingen. 

New Character Image Illustrations
Sonya | Brad | Shingen
2- Opening and Ending Movies  
As like the previous console version, the opening and ending will be done in animation movie format.  
3- Main theme song by Hironobu Kageyama  
The theme song of Psychic Force 2 will be done by Hironobu Kageyama, known famously as the DragonBallZ singer. 
4- Original Character Mode  
Edit favorite characters as the player pleases such as allowing to have special moves of other characters in the game.  
5- PocketStation  
Psychic Force 2 will be PocketStation Compatible. Exchanging character data with other players through the PocketStation will be possible.