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-Done on 5/08/99-   
Additional Rival schools 2 shots and News  Copyright Capcom, 1999
Akira in event-  '"Eat My Cheesecake"
Additional  news and images on Capcom's Rival Schools2 / Justice Academy 2 has been released.  

Nagare and Ran 
Nagare's Swim Kick
Nagare is a 3rd year highschooler in a swimming club. While usually a quiet student, Nagare becomes keen when it comes to swimming. 

Nagare Images:
Super Attack "Personal Medley" | Super Attack "Super feet flap" | Partner Tag "Synchronized Attack"
Ran's Special attack "SuperFlashes"
A freshman who is a classmate with Batsu, Ran is in the Newspaper club and works both as a cameraman and writer, waiting for big scoops. 
Ran images: 
Heel Drop | "Extra, Extra!" | Partner Tag Attack "Scoop Shot"
Science Club
When making an original character in Justice Academy 2, the Club in which the character joins in affects the character's growth very much. This system fundumentally makes the character stronger physically when joined into a club which uses the body such as the Sumo club, and more intelectual if joined into a club which uses brains, such as the Science club. In example, if the character joins the Soccer team, the damage of kicks will increase. 
Club Images
  VolleyBall Club | Science Club | Acting Club | Sumo Club | BaseBall Club 
Akira in event-  '"Eat My Cheesecake"
Many events have been prepared in Justice Academy 2's original mode.  
Mid-term Test 
Unlike the Mid-term test in JA1 where the player acted out as Hayato the teacher ordered, in JA2 the mid-term is a quizzlet format and the player must answer correctly to power up in abilites. 

Summer Events 
In the summer, events which strengthens character's friendships have been prepared. In example, the player can smooth out suntan lotion on female characters to make their bond better. 

Field Day 
Many interesting Events take place in Justice Academy's Field day, such as Nagare in a white apron selling Broiled squid, Edge getting frightened by a horror house, and Akira in a witress outfit selling cheesecake. It is also during the Field day that players can get to enjoy the "Bast-a-move/groove" type  Music game, "Doki-waku Dance". 

Event Shots  
  Akira In Kimono | Frightened Edge | Nagare in Apron | Roberto at Beach | Kyouko at Beach | Akira at Pool

Rival Schools 2/ Justice Academy 2 is scheduled for sale in June, priced 5800 Yen.