News From 08/23/02

Ikaruga Confirmed for GameCube Release - Treasure Official Site

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Treasure Inc.'s President, Masahito Maekawa has released an official statement in their web site, confirming that their latest arcade shooter game "Ikaruga" will be ported to the Nintendo GameCube.

Maekawa comments that Treasure has approved to license the title to Atari for distribution on the GameCube, and Treasure themselves are only responsible for the distribution on the Sega Dreamcast. Furthermore, Maekawa states an apology for creating confusion between medias due to lack of clarification on the issue, and asks to contact Infogrames Japan for further information on the GameCube version.

(Gamespot Japan) According to Infogrames Japan- a subsidiary of Atari's parent company Infogrames Inc., Treasure is behind the actual development of the GC port. GameCube only features will be added to the game as well.

Ikaruga for the Nintendo GameCube is scheduled for release by Atari in January 2003, Priced 5800 Yen.

Manga/Anime series "You're Under Arrest" to go TV Drama

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(Zakzak) Manga & Anime title "You're Under Arrest" has been announced to become a TV drama series.

Originally a manga by Sakura Wars artist Kosuke Fujishima, the popular title will begin airing as a real drama series on the "TV Asahi" network in Japan starting October. For a full size image of the two main characters, check the site's section.

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