News From 04/01/01

April Fools: Capcom announces "Street Fighter III -Strike Collections for Matching Service" -"Capcom vs SNK 2" Demo to be included
On the third and last day of the Tokyo Game Show, Capcom announced "Street Fighter III -Strike Collections for Matching Service" for the Sega DreamCast. The Announcement was made after the final exhibition in the "Capcom vs SNK Pro" tournaments, which ended only 30 minutes before the closing ceremonies at the TGS.

"Street Fighter III -Strike Collections for Matching Service" will include all three titles in the Street Fighter III series, and will be playable through network on Capcom & KDDI's matching service. Likewise to Capcom vs SNK Pro, minor changes and additions will be made, with extra characters added -only Dan has been confirmed at the show. In addition, a demo of "Capcom vs SNK 2" will be included in the game; the reason to why the announcement was made at the last day of the Capcom vs SNK Pro tournaments.

Likewise to "Jojo's Bizzare Adventure for Matching Service" and "Vampire Savior Chronicles", "Street Fighter III -Strike Collections for Matching service" will be available, only through the Dreamcast Direct.
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April Fools: Okay, so maybe the game has more than just Joe & Dan...
Whoa, I encountered this special move accidentally while checking Capcom vs SNK Pro again at the TGS today. What a move though... and all this time, I thought that there's nothing new for the older characters in the game. -H. Moriarty
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