Xmas gift from The Madman's Cafe- New GGX Illustrations
    - 12.24.00

00-7-8.jpg To visitors of the Madman's Cafe- Merry Christmas!

While the Guilty Gear section of this site is still in progress, here are are three rare artworks, shown as a preview of some of the items which will appear once the GGX section is up.

Description: (From the left)

Millia Rage
Drawn exclusively for Famitsu (Enterbrain Co.)'s calling card.

Sol Badguy
Drawn with Copic on regular copy paper.

Original Character
Not Millia Rage, but an original character of the artists, costume-playing as Sol-Badguy.

For the artworks, click the thumbnails below.

188.23 Kb
709 x 1029
155.61 Kb
767 x 1046
169.76 Kb
779 x 1126

Copyright Sammy, Arc System Works, 2000

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