Rurouni Kenshin author begins new series "Gun Blaze West"
    - 12.23.00

00-7-8.jpg Rurouni Kenshin author Watsuki Nobuhiro, began his new series in the Weekly Jump starting 12/12/00.

Gun Blaze West

Watsuki's new series Gun Blaze West, takes place in Winston, Illinois in 1875. Bieu Banns (correct spelling unknown), a boy near the age of 10, is the main character. Living in a small town but dreaming of frontiering into the Wild Wild West as a Gunman, Bieu's life makes a change as he meets a man named UnderDog Marcus (Marcus Homer).

With his grade school teacher (and real sister) Ciecie Banns concerning to stop Bieu from becoming a gunman as their parents have already died from gunshots as the town's Sheriff, Bieu begins training to set off to the place where only the strongest of the Gunmen can reach, called the Gun Blaze West.

Gun Blaze West has begun running its series in the Weekly Jump, a boys magazine by Shinseisha publishing. Shinseisha publishing is widely known for its popular series such as Rurouni Kenshin, Dragon Ball and Jojo's Bizzare Adventures.

For the front cover and opening illust of Gun Blaze West, click the images below.

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Copyright Shinseisha, 2000

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