Interview with Capcom vs SNK game Developers
    - 12.24.00

00-7-8.jpg In an interview conducted to two Capcom Vs SNK developers, details to what had shaped the game into its mold have been revealed.

(Translation: Henry A. Moriarty)

In a recent interview conducted by Enterbrain Publishing to two Capcom Vs SNK developers (Left- Yoshihiro Sudo; Producer, Right- Hideako Itsuno; Director), a number of facts which had molded the game into its current format have been revealed.

Q1: It seemed to have taken a good amount of time between the announcement of the game and its actual release, but were there lots of problems?

From solely Capcom's standpoint, the time of announcement was a bit too early.

A bit after the announcement, the first screen shots were released, but they were fake. Those images were created during the experimental stages on the Naomi board, when just a few sprites of Kyo were created.

The background was polygon- in fact it was Fauker's stage from Powerstone. People were predicting many things from them, such as "Fauker will be in the game" and "that Kyo's pose in the air looks like a guard. I bet there's aerial guard in the game".

Q2: How were the characters chosen for the game?

Balance. There are characters that just couldn't be ignored, and as well as popular characters and characters that were thought to be essential for the game. And we took a balance of it.

Male Vs Female, thrower characters, the number of Boss-rank characters, game that the characters were in.. there were many factors which we took to consideration when choosing. There were arguments, especially when it came to the lineup of non-main characters. Morrigan was especially argued upon, since characters like Morrigan and Nakoruru just don't fit the hard-boiled atmosphere of the game. But then again- if we don't put them in, there's also the argument of "why are we ignoring one of the two most well known icons of Capcom and SNK?".

Q3: What were the points and problems when creating the SNK characters?

After numerous meetings, we decided to create the game with the question in mind: "What would SNK characters be like if they were in a Capcom game?". That is to say, we decided not to concentrate too much in making characters detailedly to SNK. Although some parts, we did concentrate a lot into doing so.

Making SNK characters detailedly the same as SNK is no different from just porting them. So we've created them as SNK characters with Capcom taste, with feelings almost as though they were New Capcom characters.

Q4: Why was the unique system "Flexible Ratio System" created?

It was decided at an early stage that players can select between strengths within a boundary, but the idea was more broad in the beginning. In example, there was no need to deplete 4 ratios, and remaining ratios could be used for Power meter stock. There were many other ideas for the system as well. After considering the difficulty and game balance, the current system settled down.

Q5: Was it difficult to balance out the characters?

Again there were many ideas, but in the end, balancing took place by basing all the characters to ratio 2. The basic parts were balanced from Ratio 2, and the remaining parts were balanced within each ratio, so that balance could be made in any team-ups. Usually people play with the ratio system on, so our balancing also is based a lot on the Ratios... I think a good distinctive balancing for the game was made.

Q6:The Pair Match mode on the other hand, completely opposites the Ratio System. Why was it created?

This was scheduled to be put in from the beginning.
Since characters were split into ratios, not all characters could team up with each other. There's the possibility of not being able to pair up favorite characters.

Everyone wants to pair up with freedom. And it's the same with us, so we knew it well enough. The only question remaining was, when to release it open.

Q7: While most current mainstream fighting games have complex systems, this game is very simple. What were the reasons of making it so?

There were two major reasons.

The first reason is, we wanted to create a game which can be played with characters, not with systems. Street Fighter Zero3's X-ism, Street fighter 3 (excluding the parrying) and Street fighter Zero 2 (excluding the custom combo system) all have the tendency to be that way as well. Ultimately, many systems come in and the direction of games curves away, but the want to create a simple game, always existed.

The second reason is, we estimated that the range of people who would want to play "Capcom Vs SNK" would be larger than players who currently play 2D fighting games. In example, players who distanced from 2D fighting games since the era of "Fatal Fury Special" and "Super Street Fighter II X" may think, "it's a dream game and I want to try it", but if the system is too complex, there's a possibility that they can't play it. In any matter, we didn't want to make a game that people who wanted to play it, can't.

But on the other hand, releasing a new game with the feeling of "Simple is Best" is high-risk. As a product, it would be difficult to succeed. This time, the concept of "Capcom and SNK's dream matchup" was the key, and made the conditions ready.

In other words, we were able to create this game with this system, *because* it was "Capcom Vs SNK".

Q8: What about the Groove system?

In the beginning, the SNK Groove was supposed to make the controls and details similar to SNK games, and Capcom Groove likewise to Capcom games. Systems such as the custom combo were created to an experimental stage. But again, we thought that these would go against the ideal of "anyone who wants to play can play", and as we took off parts which could be taken off, only the skeleton structure remained at the end. We really tested out a lot.

Q9: Chaining attacks and Canceling seems hard. Was there a reason to make combos harder?

We wanted to make them as in-depth as possible without adding more buttons, and that was the result.

Since the game is simple, combos may attract more attention. For players who haven't played fighting games in a while, they can fight a match with only singular special hits. And for hard core fighting game players, there's lots to look around for. Or so, please think of it that way.

Q10: The Scoring system for VS CPU seems different than usual fighter games.

When looking at the high-score ranking for the Street Fighter Zero 3 Internet ranking, we were awed. From 1st place and below, everyone did a counter-stop on their scores. We didn't want to make a system where the top can be reached, but a system where the player tries to reach an unreachable top as close as they can. So a system which adopted the grade judging system from Street Fighter 3- 3rd strike, was created. At first there was a suggestion of making a system where there was a reachable score, but that would've been too lonely so the system resulted as a kind of multiplication with the conventional scoring system. Although, we think that the judging system itself still has points which can be fixed.

Q11: If there are any other behind-the-scenes stories, please tell them.

Although it was killed off, Parrying existed. There was also a Mega-crush. There were killed off characters and moves as well, but those may be seen in the future.

Q12: How will the Sequel be?

"Capcom Vs SNK" was created from scratch with no anticipation and followed the ideal of "anyone who wants to play can play". However, the sequel can be created with main focus put in to the voices and opinions of people who have played Capcom vs SNK "1", and we want to reflect it in the creation without letting anyone down. As for the characters, let us just say this: it's "Capcom Vs SNK 2" and not "StreetFighter Vs KOF".

The game system. . .. We're listening to everyone's voices and still thinking about it. We've had numerous meetings, but it still isn't decided on. It will change, for sure. The method of creation as well as the concept between "1" and "2" are different, and its role as a software is different as well. That, we're going to make it as a Capcom's fighter game "2".

Q13: Any last words to players?

We hope that you play the game for a long time, in a wide range. Although it's simple it may still be a hard game for new players to go into, so it'd be nice if a ring can be created, interweaving people who've never played it before.

It can be played in a number of ways, such as the Dreamcast network battle. Please play with it for a long time. And also, please look into that new Justice Academy!

To send your opinion/input to the sequel, mail to

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