Square to sell "Potion"
    - 2.7.01


Square has announced their next CD music release; "POTION -Relaxing with Final Fantasy".

"POTION -Relaxing with Final Fantasy" will be a compilation of previously published music from the Final Fantasy series, featuring a variety of 16 tracks by composer Nobuo Uematsu. An additional 17th track "Shin-ai Naru Tomo e" -an epilogue music from Final Fantasy V, is also included as a bonus track.

01 Tina (Final Fantasy VI: Piano Collections)
02 Kids Run Through the City (Final Fantasy VI: Piano Collections)
03 Mizu no Miko Eria (Final Fantasy III: Yuukyuu no Kaze Densetsu)
04 Melody of Lute (Final Fantasy IV: Celtic Moon)
05 Eyes On Me (Piano Collections: Final Fantasy VIII)
06 Tenderness in the Air (Final Fantasy V: Piano Collections)
07 Fragments of Memories (Final Fantasy VIII: FITHOS LUSEC WECOS VINOSEC)
08 Main Theme of Final Fantasy IV (Final Fantasy IV: Piano Collections)
10 Lenna's Theme (Final Fantasy V: Dear Friends)
11 The Successor (Piano Collections: Final Fantasy VIII)
12 Music Box (Final Fantasy V: Dear Friends)
13 Theme of Love (Final Fantasy IV: Piano Collections)
14 Theme of Aerith (Final Fantasy VII: Reunion Tracks)
15 Welcome to Our Town (Final Fantasy IV: Piano Collections)
16 Rydia (Final Fantasy IV: Celtic Moon)
17 Shin-ai Naru Tomo e (Bonus Track)

"POTION -Relaxing with Final Fantasy" will be released by Sony Music Entertaiment and distributed by Digicube on 2/21, priced 2,345 Yen.


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