Capcom announces Gachapon line-up for beginning of 2001
      - 1.13.01

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Capcom has announced their next line-up of Gachapon goods.
Gachapon is the Japanese name for randomly dispensed capsuled toys, often seen sold in vending machines at toy stores.

Capcom plans to release two series of Gachapon goods, "HG series Capcom Gals" and "RockmanX5 Fullcolor Collection". Both series will be manufactured by Bandia co., a company well known for making toys and Gachapon figures, but known more globally as the maker of Tamagocchi.


The HG series Capcom Gals will featurea variety of 6 figures-
Hinata (Rival Schools series)
Sakura (Street Fighter Zero/Alpha series)
Morrigan (DarkStalkers series)
Chun-li (StreetFighter series)
Devirod (Cyberbots)
Jill (BioHazard, Resident Evil series)

HG series Capcom Gals is planned for sale from Febuary, priced 200 Yen per capsule.


The RockmanX5 Fullcolor Collection will feature a variety of 8figures-
X Zero
Falcon Armor Dynamo
Grizzly Kraken
Necrobat Sigma

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