Aruze New Samurai Shodown Release: Pachinko Slot Machine
    - 1.7.00

00-7-8.jpg Aruze makes their first release of a SNK character
related game in the form of a Pachinko slot machine.

Named "Samurai Spirits S", Aruze's latest Line-up in their Pachinko Slot machine (Japanese pinball combined with a slot machine) adopts the characters of Samurai Shodown/Spirits.

The following is a translation of the public release.

The popular fighting game finally appareas as a Pachink Slot machine!

Redramatize the action from the arcades

The 7.77 Inch wide LCD screen on the machine brings-
feirce and stunning sword action
strategies & hints
whole support information

2 Different Levels of BIG/Fever systems available
Super BIG (When Rasetsu)
Normal BIG (When Shura)
Up to 666 coins recievable

For the public release, check Aruze's Site at

Copyright SNK, 2001

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