Capcom announces Jojo's Bizzare Adventure Part 5
    - 1.7.00

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Capcom has announced their next Jojo project at the Shounen Jump Festival, held 12/23-24/00.

At the Shounen Jump Festival opened by Shuuseisha Publishing on 12/23 - 12/24/00 at the Makuhari Messe- Chiba Japan, a number of manga related items were presented. By Capcom, it was revealed that Jojo's Bizzare Adventure -Part 5, will be released as a game.

Jojo's Bizzare Adventure Part 5 (Artist: Araki Hirohiko) takes place a number of years after Part3, the chapter in which Capcom's previous Jojo Fighter game took place.

In Part 5, the main character is Dio Brandeau's son, Georgio Jeovanni.

Living in Italy, Georgio fights to victor the top seat in the Mafia, in order to bring peace to the streets. In his battle against the mafia don "Diablo" and his stand "King Crimson", Georgio meets with other interesting characters such as Part 3's Jean Pierre Pornareff, and such stands as "Spice Girl".

It has not yet been revealed what genre of game Jojo's Bizzare Adventure Part 5 will be released as, nor its release date.

The Madman's Cafe will follow up on any news relevant to the upcoming game, Jojo's Bizzare Adventure, Part 5.

For the public release, check Capcom's Web Page at-

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