SCEI and NTT to deliver Playstation < > I-Mode services worldwide      - 1.30.01
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In 1/29, SCEI and Major communications group NTT Docomo have announced plans to deliver a collaborated network service to nations abroad. The network service will feature the SCEI's Playstation and NTT's I-Mode; a standard in internet services for use in portable/cellular phone systems, to work in combination.

Areas and phone companies to receive the services outside from Japan, currently lists as follows;
North America (AT&T Wireless)
Hong kong (Hutchison Telephone)
Taiwan (KG Telecommunication)
Netherlands (KPN Mobile)
Italy (Telecom Italia Mobile)

For this combined project that has not yet begun, SCEI and NTT Docomo are in plan to develop the following:
1- An application to connect each of the phone company's Mobile Internet service to the Playstation
2- An interface to connect portable/cellular phones to the Playstation
3- An interface between the Playstation and the Gateway server, and between the server and the contents provider.

In relation, SCEI and NTT Docomo already have plans for their first collaborated release within Japan, with the port of the popular Playstation game "Dokodemo Issho" to portable/cellular phone internet services.

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