Square announces two versions of FFX, lists tentative 20 upcoming titles      - 1.30.01

According to the press release of Square's meeting held in 1/22/01; the same press release which describes the "Final Fantasy Year", Square has announced that two versions of Final Fantasy X will be available- the normal version (1 DVD) and high-value version (2 DVD).

Square has also released the list of 23 software titles announced for production, as follows. In particular, the Final Fantasy title scheduled for release on a portable system, is planned to interwork with Play Online.

For Home console / PC

Final Fantasy X
Final Fantasy XI
Final Fantasy XII
(Untitled)Online Simulation Game
(Untitled)Online RPG2
(Untitled)Sports 1
(Untitled)Sports 2
(Untitled)Sports 3

Final Fantasy VII (Remake- DVD/PS2)
Final Fantasy VIII (Remake- DVD/PS2)
Final Fantasy IX (Remake- DVD/PS2)

For portable machines (including cell phones)

Wild Card
Final Fantasy (Untitled) (Note: Planned to interwork with PlayOnline)
Final Fantasy II, III (Remake)
Final Fantasy IV, V, VI (Remake)
(Other Titles) x 3

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