Sega releases public statement following DC reports      - 1.24.01

Sega of Japan has released an official statement through its public relations. The following is its translation.

Today, a number of media have released coverage of our businesses related to Dreamcast, but the reports were not official announcements; At the current time, they have not been given final decisions. Our comments to the subjects goes as follows.

Based on the "New business strategy" announced in 10/27, we are considering the restructure of our system to be centered on providing contents - a highly profitable business, and the arcade market.

1. In terms of the Dreamcast (DC) hardware itself, there is currently a world-wide plan to restructure the system of manufacturing, retailing, and distributing for the next fiscal season and onwards. As for the DC overall, we plan to continue its enterprise, focusing on the creation of software. We have 100 titles scheduled for the software line-up of the next fiscal season.

2. Negotiations are currently under way to supply software for the platforms (Playstation 2, Game Boy Advanced) of the two companies.

3. As a platform strategy, we are aggressively promoting the DC's architecture to be used in such products such as the PC, STB (Set Top Box), and home electronics.

Announcements will be made for each of the subjects listed above, as soon as decisions have been finalized. In addition, effects to business will be announced as soon as they become concrete.

For the original Japanese public statement in text, check Sega's site at (Direct Link)

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