Sega releases line-up of 26 upcoming Dreamcast games      - 1.24.01

Sega has released a list of 26 games in the lineup scheduled to be released for the Dreamcast after this fiscal year.

Included in their list are a number of sequels to popular; The House Of The Dead 3, Shin Space Channel 5, Power Smash 2, Shemmue 2, Get Bass 2, and Crazy Taxi 2.

Game Title Genre Release Date
THE HOUSE OF THE DEAD 3 Gun Shooting Undetermined
DYNAMIC GOLF Sports / Golf Summer 2001
Get Bass 2 Fishing Summer 2001
ALIEN FRONT 3D Action Summer 2001
As Snow...*1 Romance Simulation Summer 2001
OUTTRIGGER 3D Versus Action 2001
Shennmue II Etc. 2001
Project Propeller Online*1 Network Shooting Game 2001
DERBY OWNERS CLUB ONLINE Growth Simulation 2001
POWER SMASH 2 Sports 2001
CRAZY TAXI 2 Driving Action 2001
Monster O Tsukurou Growth Simulation 2001
Victory Goal 2001*1 Sports Autumn 2001
Derbytsuku2*1 Network Growth Simulation Summer 2001
GuruGuru Onsen2*1 Online Theme Park Summer 2001
Sonic Adventure 2 3D Action 2001
K-Project*1 Shooting Undetermined
Shin Space Channel 5*1 Action Undetermined
NFL2K Series Sports 2001
NBA2K Series Sports 2001
NHL2K Series Sports 2001
World Series Baseball 2K*1 Series Sports 2001
Froigan Brothers Action 2001
Toe Jam & EarL Action 2001
Far Nation*1 Network RPG Summer 2001
Bikkuriman 2000 Action RPG Undetermined
*1- Tentative Title/Name.


The House Of The Dead 3
The latest in the House of the Dead series, HOD3 is currently under development for release in both the arcade and Dreamcast.

Dynamic Golf
Dynamic Golf is scheduled for release in the arcades this spring, and ported to the Dreamcast this summer. Featuring realistic golf play in a Tropical atmosphere, the Dreamcast version will include original modes, courses and network play.

Get Bass 2
The Sequel to Get Bass, Get Bass 2 features realistic fishing simulation with network battle.

Alien Front
Unknown aliens fight against humanity, with Japan, Washington DC, and Easter island as the battleground. Chose either the human race or the aliens for head to head battle using up to 15 ships.

As Snow...
A love-romance simulation game, produced by "Wau".

Fight against the terrorist group in a 3D field, with over 4 characters through network play. Characters can be customized, versus rules can be changed, and a Mission mode for single player are available in the DC version.

Shennmue II
Produced by Yu Suzuki, Shennmue II features a greater storyline and drama than Shennmue 1.

Project Propeller Online
Created by the AM2 department, Project Propeller is not a realistic flight simulator as expected for the AM2, but features fierce dog-fight.

The arcade hit "Derby Owners Club" ports to the DC, with network play.

Power Smash 2
Featuring realistic graphics and professional players like its previous version, Power Smash 2 will now have female Tennis players as well.

Crazy Taxi 2
While its prequel was based on California, Crazy Taxi 2 will take place on the east coast. Completely new characters and new options will be available.

Monster O Tsukurou
By drawing 2D characters and turning them into 3D monsters, the user can use grow them up and make them battle. Monsters can be redrawn to change attributes as well.

Victory Goal 2001
Created by SmileBit co -the creators of "Soccertsuku", Victory Goal 2001 is an action based soccer game.

DerbyTsuku 2
Already deep into development, DerbyTsuku 2 features not only upgrades based on the user's opinions, but a number of new race courses, and horses as well.

GuruGuru Onsen 2
The sequel to GuruGuru Onsen, GuruGuru Onsen 2 features an even more developed area for fun and communication on the internet.

Sonic Adventure 2
10 years since the birth of Sonic, Sonic Adventure 2 appears, with the fastest speed and briskness than ever before. In addition to the various player characters and stages, new features and details will be announced this spring.

Producer Tetsuya Mizugichi of Sega Rally and Space Channel 5, now attempts on making a shooting game, currently under the code name of "K-Project".

Shin Space Channel 5
The sequel the Space Channel 5, Ulala returns as the number 1 reporter in outer space. Fans, Check

ToeJam & Earl
The Genesis/Megadrive game returns to the Dreamcast.

Far Nation
A full 3D network RPG, featuring many new elements, such as any user being able to effect its world. Over 1000 users can participate on the same server.

Bikkuriman 2000
The popular chocolate snack "Bikkuriman 2000" makes its debut to the DC as a 3D RPG.

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