Square announces FFX to be delayed- First red ink in Company History       - 1.19.01
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Square has announced their decision to delay the release of Final Fantasy X to July, causing the first deficit in the history of its company.

As to the reason of Delay, Square CEO Hisashi Suzuki quotes:

"The quality of the completed software was a bit lacking. In order to keep the brand's image, the decision was made to delay the sale of the product and take a higher step in increasing the product's quality."

When asked if the release would by made on time for July, Suzuki replied; "The quality is 'a bit lacking', so I am confident that it will be released in July".

Square announced that their copulatory sales figures for this fisical year will be 71,500,000,000 Yen (approx. 715 Mil. dollars), going 11,800,000,000 Yen under their estimated sales of 83,300,000,000 Yen (approx 833 Mil Dollars).

Square's balance of current account will be 4,800,000,000 Yen in deficit, in complete contrast from the estimated 6,600.000.000 Yen in surplus. The formerly scheduled dividend of 20 Yen/Year per share will be canceled to none. This is the first time that Square will end the fisical year with deficit and zero dividend, since their opening to the stock market.

The major change in figure estimations comes due to the delay in Final Fantasy X -estimated to sell 2,500,000 copies, now re-scheduled for release to the next fisical year.

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