KOF2000 English Home version to be released Exclusively?
    - 1.8.01

Updated 1.10.01

The Madman's Cafe has made contact with SNK Japan, and have confirmed the following.

1- NGF-USA has been confirmed as a licensed distributor for the home console cartridge of (English Version) King Of Fighters 2000.

2- Currently, NGF-USA is the only licensed distributor in the USA which Handles KOF2000(english consumer version). Distributors may be added or changed in the future. (Note: it seems that NGF-USA was not "licensed as an exclusive distributor" of KOF2000, but became the only distributor since no other candidates were present)

3- The number of cartridge units contracted with NGF-USA could not be confirmed by SNK Japan.

4- NGF-USA, NGF Distributors Ltd., NeoGeoFreak.com, are not a subsidiary, nor in any way related to the original magazine "NeoGeo Freak" and its publisher,
Bungeisha Corp. (Headquarter:Tokyo, Japan).

SNK Japan also commented that they have been recieving a volume of inqueries by consumers, asking questions regarding the distribution of (English) KOF2000 by NGF-USA.

SNK Japan has not been aware of any "rumors" regarding their distributor, NGF-USA. For consumers with questions or complaints, feel free to contact SNK.

Mail address: (Consumer Comments + Inqueries)

Phone: (International Department)

(Country Code)-6-6339-5577

While The Madman's Cafe has confirmed NGF-USA as a licensed distributor, we do not endorse transactions in any way, and will not be held responsible for results reguarding transactions.

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00-7-8.jpg NGF-USA / NGF Distributors Ltd. , has announced that they will be distributing a limited set of 100 English Home Cartridge units, exclusively.
Image from http://neogeofreak.com/

The following news has been taken from http://neogeofreak.com/.

NGF-USA / NGF Distributors Ltd. (office: LasVegas, NV), has announced that they will be releasing the English version of the King Of Fighters 2000 game cartridge exclusively, with a limit of 100 units.

Their announcement comes with a description of why the release will be exclusive to NGF-USA, the reason to the minimal number of units, and explanation to the price of $590, while the Japanese version is available at a market price of $269.

Here is a direct text copy from their site, at the current date of 1/8/01.

The King of Fighters 2000 English Package Release F.A.Q.


What is this Faq about?

This F.A.Q. has been written to help educate consumers on the origin and authenticity of the English package release of  The King Of Fighters 2000.

What would lead people to think there is not an official English release of KOF2000?

The question as to if  SNK Corporation is going to release an English version 
of any new home AES cartridge is purely an economic issue. With the Aruze acquisition of SNK, long standing issues regarding territory rights have been renewed. With Metal Slug 3 as an example, we see SNK/ARUZE suspending consumer operations in English language territories. With SNK powerless to stop illegal importing of Japanese cartridges, and the realization that all markets would bear Japanese package product, the expense of creating an English language equivalent became unjustified. With SNK-USA closing its doors, the thought of representation in the US seemed unbelievable to some retailers. SNK Corporation has placed official US consumer responsibilities with NGF-USA, and after much negotiation we succeeded in convincing SNK that an English package release was necessary. Despite receiving the entire sales list of previous SNK-USA clients, and repeated direct contact with US based retailers such as National Console Support, Buyrite Video Games, Japan Video Games, Video Game Depot, and others, we were rebuffed as not legitimate. After multiple phone conversations with all parties, and repeated offers of proof through DIRECT verification from SNK Japan, these retailers decided to order from foreign distributors. Many attempts were made by these parties to secure English package stock from foreign distributors, but these distributors denied the released of a product they had no means of supplying. Aruze and SNK will no longer sell Japan distributors the English versions of their products. No longer will retailers be able to buy and illegally import US market games from another market. Aruze/SNK are trying to squash these eternal problems, and it seems to be working. All English versions will only be bought and sold through the official ENGLISH distributor in the United States, NGF-USA. There were public messages displayed declaring any English package release not official by National Console Support and Buyrite Video Games. With the distribution of  NeoGeo consumer products almost exclusively an internet market, the incorrect word was spread to unsuspecting consumers. Basically, these retailers were lying so people would not cancel their orders.  They even went so far as to charge people in advance, without them even receiving and shipping the said product out. They knew that EVERYONE would cancel their Japanese version orders once the official word came out of the English version. 

So there is an English Package release! Why is it so expensive?

When we originally convinced SNK Japan to produce an English package KOF2000 it was our expectation that US based retailers would commit to ordering from their legal US distributor. We phoned, faxed, and emailed all of the above retailers offering the official product for their territory in bulk, and with price protection. What this means is, we were guaranteeing that we would match pricing with all distributors. This takes any reason away from not wanting to deal with NGF-USA. They would be getting the English package release, at the exact same price as the Japanese, in any quantity desired. Because retailers decided not to deal with a US based distributor, we were unable to secure the minimum quantity for SNK Japan to justify the cost of English package production. NGF-USA tried in every way possible to explain to its potential customers that orders through a US based distributor would be REQUIRED in order to receive the English package release. It is impossible for a US based distributor to compete with long standing foreign distributor relationships with foreign product (ie. Japanese package release). This was explained time and time again to no avail. With the pending cancellation of the English package release NGF-USA desperately offered to assume the costs of translation and printing by SNK Japan. NGF-USA and SNK Corporation of Japan forged an exclusive agreement for the English package release of KOF2000. NGF-USA purchased all rights to the English package release and assumed all costs of manufacture by SNK Japan. Since NGF-USA could not justify the cost of buying 1000 cartridges(the minimum SNK Japan wanted to foot the bill for English package manufacture), we were force to cut our order to 100 pieces. Factoring in the money sent to SNK Japan for production of the English package release by a mere 100 cartridges created an unfortunate situation in regard to cost. I would again like to stress, the English package release of KOF2000 would have been exactly the same price as the Japanese package if US based retailers would have committed their orders to a US based distributor. We truly regret the price situation, but felt no matter what the cost, there is a US fan base that wants an English packaged product. We at NGF-USA were very disappointed by the lack of support by US based retailers. This is the primary reason SNK has struggled in the US market.

It sounds to good to be true. Can this be proven? What can I do to verify for myself?

We invite all concerned US based consumers to contact SNK Japan directly through the number listed on the SNK Japan website. It will be confirmed that NGF-USA is a distributor of SNK consumer product in the US and that there is an official English package release of KOF2000.
For a little insider proof, NGF-USA also had full consultation in the creation of both the English and Japanese inserts for the KoF2000 AES cartridges.  We had a prototype of our English insert back in September 2000.  On the back of the insert we had the phrase "Enter the last battle of the twentieth century" and we also had placed "Kula" as the only character on the back insert.  These are still present on all versions of the insert, and the phrase is now on the manual covers, the insert, and at the top of the AES cartridge sticker. 

Why is NeoGeoFreak mentioned on the English packaging?

There has never in the history of an AES cartridge release, has a distributor been granted EXCLUSIVE rights to language specific packaging.  With Aruze making extraordinary measures to maintain territory protection, NGF-USA was granted this privilege.  Since NGF-USA purchased the absolute exclusive rights to release the English package AES cartridge, it was deemed necessary to state this fact on the packaging.  All future releases will be branded by territory.  Hopefully, this will help cure the disease that is parallel importing by retailers.

OK, OK! This is amazing, how do I get my hands on this great title?

Quantities are limited to 100 units. The smallest previous release of a US package cartridge is 1000. The availability of this cartridge is on a 1st come 1st serve basis. Please contact a member of the NGF sales team at:


If you have any other questions regarding this exciting release please contact:




Get your KoF 2000 poster or promotional flyer for 
only $20.00 or FREE with purchase the KoF2000  
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These pictures are being posted on December 20, 2000.
We are showing what the insert and manual will look like
before people even receive their common Japanese version.
Once people finally get the Jap version, which we sell for $279,
people will see that the English version is 100% exact and better.
We are sure the English version will soar up in price in the days
to come. Don't miss your chance to get your English KoF2000!

Is it so hard for people to call SNK of Japan to verify all this?
Isn't the $1.27 for a 5 minute call worth your piece of mind?
Call SNK and ask for the international department. Ask who is 
the OFFICIAL distributor for the United States, for consumer 
and ask about the English KoF2000 exclusively by NGF-USA.

SNK Corporation of Japan:
tele - 81-6-6339-5577
tele - 81-6-6339-0110






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