The KOFXIII Anti-Chin Guide Version 1.00
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Based on the anti-chin strategies by Dune(KCE)
Tactic advisors : Budgies, Frionel, Kane317(DC)
Project director & video version creator : Gunsmith(ON)
Preface and editing (text version) : Professor(MMC)


When you're playing against Chin, you're playing against one of the most high-powered characters in KOFXIII, considered within top 10 tier in various countries. Although he has weaknesses and bad matchups, a single hit by him can be like an Amtrack ride to the corner of the screen with a complementary assortment of punches and kicks that drains about half of your life. What's more, his moves are generally considered safe on block, especially against passive-aggressive characters that don't have decent reversals. This anti-Chin guide will introduce to you the various options you have when faced against Chin's moves.

That said, Keep in mind that fighting against Chin is more based on solid fundamentals and spacing than anything-- you simply don't want to get rushed down. Once that happens, Chin has a closet full of mixups he can use, and EVO 2013 showed that even the highest level of players can become bait against them. This guide can help you try and punish him after a block, but it'll be of no use if you get hit by his ambigous setups to begin with.

The most ideal way of dealing with Chin is simply to make sure you don't go into his range unless you're getting the rushdown on him. Chin will need to resort to making risky attempts that are much easier to read, block, and punish.


Chin's General Weaknesses

Chin's has some pretty good normals. Stand C, D and CD have great reach, j.a is useful for air-to-air. Still, they're not really good for offense and getting into the opponent.

1. Chin isn't good at closing his distance
Chin's biggest weakness--believe it or not, is that he isn't good at starting an offense from his side and needs to rely on the opponent making a move, simply because he's not that great at closing his distance. His jump is slow, which is one of the main reasons. His roll punch might seem like a solution, but he can't make delicate controls on the distance of its movements and even the EX version can end up whiffing. Also keep in mind that he also runs relatively slow.

Because of that, Chin will have a difficult time trying to get into the opponent if they're laming out with good vertical jumps/hops such Karate's j.CD from mid-close range distance. He'll be pressured to bite the bullet and and take risky measurements to start an offense. By taking effective spacing control and giving Chin a hard time, you'll able to find the opportunity to get the rushdown on him.

Takuma controlling air and ground space with his vertical JCD.
Chin can try and close in, but he'll need to take risks.



2. Chin doesn't have a good anti-air
Chin doesn't have a good anti-air that covers above his head. None of his moves are strong upwards, so doing double jumps and vertical jumps to dodge his attacks are pretty effective. He can use his counter, but it'll be a huge risk for him.

Chin's qcb.AC is a strong move, but in no way an effective anti-air, especially on wakeup.



3. Chin has a small vertical collision box
Chin's vertical collision box is small, meaning that even characters with super low hops like Kyo and Iori can hop over him. Because of that, jumping from distances that normally wouldn't cross up can work on Chin. If you're playing at an environment where there's a lot of Chin players, making an anti-Chin setup for your characters is an idea.

Iori's crossup doesn't jump over standing opponents
if done with a hop or hyperhop...

But in Chin's case, it's one of the few exceptions.


The best situation for Chin is when he's up close and personal within reach of his far C, which is where most of his other tools also become useful. Play a steady game and be sure not to let him smother you at this distance, especially in the corner. If that happens, try to get out as soon as you can. Some options would be to guard cancel or do a super jump which is 2f. Backstepping may seem like an option because it's 1f, but it's prone to heavy punishment if the Chin reads or reacts to it.



Chin's Overhead > Quickie punches (downforward.D, Punch)

Chin's overhead is a serious headache! Unlike other characters, it doesn't lose its overhead property even when chained from a normal attack.
What's more, he can cancel it into his quickie punches (unpunishable on block) and start a painful combo.

Solution: Overhead > quickie punches isn't a true blockstring! You can interrupt Chin in the middle of it!
Chin can gain frame advantage if the quickie punches gets blocked, so you'll want to interrupt him before he does it.
1. Do an invincible move. NORMAL MOVES WON'T WORK even if it's 3 frames
2. Do a command grab
3. Do a 1f move (Only 2 characters have them. A realistic option for Ash, not so for King)
4. No invincible or 1f move or command grab? Roll away after blocking the overhead. You aren't guaranteed a punish, but it's better then staying in the pressure.

Chin's overhead is relatively slow at 21 frames. In fact, it's slow enough that if he does it from a weak punch, you can even vertical jump it after blocking (not that it's something practical to do).

Even after his quickie punches gets blocked...

Chin has frame advantage. Player 1 has barely started to jump while Player 2 is already in mid-air. So be sure to punish or evade Chin before he starts his quickie punches.


Block his overhead, then...

Interrupt him before he does his quickie punches.


If you don't have a reversal, you can still AB roll.

Doing so in the corner is of course a tad risky, but can be worth it.


Chin's Roll attack (hcf.Kick)

Chin loves to roll, especially if you don't know how to keep him from spamming it. What's more, Chin can cancel his Roll into other specials without the need of Drive meter (Hop Kick, 1F counter, qcb.AC, etc.) , even if the opponent is blocking.

Chin's Roll is a precursor to getting into his opponent and canceling to other attacks, so your main objective is to make him weary about doing it in the first place.
1. Vertical jumps own Chin's Roll, both the normal and EX version. Chin's roll will whiff and he'll be eating a full combo. You can bait him with cr.B and then vertical jump, or just do vertical jumps frequently to make Chin think twice before rolling.
2. The normal version isn't invincible so it can be stopped with a low attack (ie: mash cr.B). If blocked, he'll cancel into a move, usually a Hop Kick
3. The EX version is notorious for its invincibility and -1f blockstun. A 1f command grab can punish it on block it if he doesn't cancel into another special move

Most obviously, avoid shooting non-ground projectiles in the range of his Roll: Chin will go right through them! Knowing Chin's Rolling range and baiting him is an option (approx 3/4 screen to bait and punish Fierce or EX roll). Note that the B version of his Roll can only go under Andy, Ash, Saiki and King.

A well-experienced Chin will think twice before rolling randomly from a distance, especially if the opponent is baiting or bait-jumping..

... Because this can end up happening.

Keep in mind that his EX roll has both hit and throw invincibility until it comes out.

Chin's Hop kick (downforward B)

Chin's hop kick can turn into a mind game if you don't have a move to punish it on block. Chin's hop kick is -2f on block unless done from a pretty far distance. He can't block right afterwards because he goes into his hop stance, but he can do specials, supers, jumps, throws, and also go into his ducking stance. He can also BD cancel and return to neutral state. Often times, Chins will attempt an EX Flex Punch follow-up because it's his safest option.

Do a move or command grab that comes out within 2f startup.
If you don't have any
moves within 2f or if Chin's distace is too far to grab, you need to make guesses. Your options are:
1. Invincible move
2. AB Roll
3. Normal Throw
4. Alternate Block
5. Use a stock to get out of your situation

Here's the pros and cons for each option:
1. Invincible Move You can do an invincible move that has a long enough invincibility time to beat Chin's EX flex punch followup, like Claw Iori's Maiden Masher. Moves with shorter invincibility time can yield similar results if you do them with a slight delay, although that of course carries a risk.
2. AB Roll is an option if you think Chin will follow up his hop with his EX Flex punch (as often times players will do). However, keep in mind that it's prone to punishment if Chin reads it and decides to BD cancel or throw. However, Chin is negative if he uses those options and he can be prone to punishment if he reads wrong. In the corner where Chin might feel like it's worth taking the risk, other options might be better.
3. Normal Throw You can try to normal throw Chin during the 2 frame window if he's within reach, but it's pretty risky. If you miss the strict timing, you could be eating a full combo.
4. Alternate Blocking If you're in the corner and you really don't feel like risking getting punished but you don't have stock to get out, Alt blocking and looking for an opportunity to escape is definitely an option.

After a hop, many Chin users will follow up with a EX flex punch..

Because it's only -1 on block and pretty safe.

Command throws can punish Chin's hop on block if it's done from his hcf roll.

Beware: experienced Chin users can use setups and do his hop from the right distance to make it neutral or positive on block-- an anti-command throw tactic.

Interrupting his hop's followup with an invincible move is possible

But many of them come out too fast and gets punished instead

You can do the same thing, adding a little delay in the input..

And voila, it punishes.

AB roll is another option if you don't have meter,
and what's more, you can punish Chin during his recovery

But the opponent can read it and BD cancel into a run or throw instead of doing an EX flex punch, so be cautious, especially in the corner.




Chin's EX Flex Punch (qcb.AC)

Chin's EX Flex Punch is totally invincible and just -1f on block. However, it's not that fast on startup (7f), it doesn't reach high, and he can't cancel it on a block like his other moves. You can't punish it except with a 1F move or command grab.

1. Do a 1f move or command grab if Chin is within reach
2. No 1f move/command grab? You can't punish it. Try to get away from him after you block, or keep on the defense and try to punish whatever he does afterwards.

EX Flex Punch is has slow startup and no vertical range, meaning it's got flaws as a reversal attack. If you smell that he'll use the EX Fist Smash from a wakeup or after blocking a positive frame move/attack string, you can do a vertical jump to whiff it and punish him


Left: punishable with a throw
Right: too far to punish

Chin's hcf roll > EX flex punch is one of the basic setups that can create this distance.


Chin's Drinking Problem (rdp.Punch)

Ever seen a pink Chin? You will, if you keep letting him booze off. At 5 drink stocks, Chin's damage increases by x 1.5 and even his normal throw alone will do nearly that of some character's EX moves. A drinking Chin may cause him health problems, but it can cause you your life.

Anything can punish it within medium distance. Chin will drink if he's too far away! Don't let him free at a far distance

1. Chin's drinking is pretty slow and unlike Hwa's, it doesn't give him stock if he's hit during his motion. Keeping Chin within a certain distance where a fast move will hit him is the key. For example, even just keeping within medium range and feinting a move (like doing just the stick motion for a fast move like an EX maiden masher) can stop him from drinking.
2. If he's got drink stocks, try to get a knockdown using moves like Jump CD so that he'll lose stock. Also, don't forget to finish your combos with a knockdown rather than a reset.

At this distance, some Chin users may feel fine about drinking.

A few steps closer, and it's too close for comfort.


Chin's Feint Cancels (downx2.BD)

Chin is truly a monster when he's up close. Aside from his various mix-ups, he can also do his fierce attacks and quickie punches without much fear of punishment. Thanks to his hop stance cancel (downx2.BD), he's +7 to +8 on the moves.

Don't retaliate. Block or guard cancel.

There's no way to retaliate against something with so much frame advantage. Don't even try. Just block, and try to gain distance to change the situation.


Blocking a close C..

Can leave Chin with this much frame advantage if he feint cancels. Player 1 isn't even out of block stun yet.


Chin's Counter (qcb.Kick)

Chin's Counter is often used as an anti-air and a good read will reward him with high damage. Its startup is 1f (meaning that it's instant), but he'll be wide opened to attacks for almost half a second if he reads wrong.

Don't attack on your jump if you think it's coming.

1. In other words, do an empty jump and combo him after landing, preferably from a low attack. Safe jumps are of course preferred. If Chin reads it, he may try to retaliate with a throw. If you read that, vertical jumping after landing can make him whiff a normal.
2. On Safejumps, a desperate Chin might resort to using an EX Flex Punch on wakeup instead, which you can bait and counter.
3. Just throwing him after landing is an option, albeit low-damage.


Empty jump is one of the essencial methods to punish Chin's counter.

Chin's Throw

Chin's normal throw has the widest range of all characters and can be followed up in the corner, making it deadlier than that of others.


If you're cornered by Chin, you're seriously screwed, Period. He has a various assortment of mixups, one of which is his throw. If you're cornered and you think a throw is coming, alternate guarding is one of the few ways of avoiding it. Mashing Forward + C is another option albeit risky. If you have stock, Guard Canceling becomes an option. Just remember--- you need to avoid getting cornered in this game at all costs to begin with. If you end up there, you're going to have to take a risk!

When Chin's got you cornered, it's payday for him.
Try to escape ASAP if you get cornered-- too many high-damage mixups.

Alternate blocking is one of the ways to avoid getting thrown, but again, he has too many other mixup options-- try to escape ASAP. Guard canceling or super jumping (only 2 frames into jump state) are amongst the recommended options.





Last but not least and most importantly

Again, while these anti-Chin strategies covers ways of coping with his special moves, the most important thing is to play a good neutral game and to not let him cover you with them.


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