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"Fable" , posted Thu 16 Sep 22:44post reply

Hey Peoples.

I just started playing this game, and oh, it's a quality game allright. I am glad I got it for 34.95 ^^



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"Re(1):Fable" , posted Fri 17 Sep 02:33:post reply

Just a suggestion: when making threads of this sort, flesh out your post with a few details -- in this situation, put a couple notes on how you come to agree that it's a quality game.

... and now to return to my game.

EDIT: Okay. Screw that idea. The game currently consists of screaming LAAAAAAAAAAAG D:< before falling down dead.

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"Re(1):Fable" , posted Fri 17 Sep 12:35post reply

I'm jealous of your price savings. I have this game too. It's interesting. Sometimes I feel the limitations it imposes upon me. Right now doing quests in my underwear is what its all about.

The whole good vs evil plays out in the quests you take too. Its all about cards. Cards are really important to Big Blue Box.

The intro reminds me alot of the Mario Golf Toadstool Tour, meaning there are many. Lionhead presents a Big Blue Box game in association with Jerry Bruckheimer and Microsoft Game Studios.

I would have like for them to have spent more time on the combat. I use the bow because it makes things more challenging.