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"UFGE Beta .65" , posted Thu 16 Sep 12:29post reply

Hey everybody, about a year ago I made a thread on here about my fledgling fighting game engine.

Well, I just wanted to drop by and say that for those who feigned interest, or perhaps didn't but like custom fighting game engines (mugen, 2dfgm, sfibm, etc. . .) I'd appreciate if you'd give it a try.

This time around, we've got a completely revamped tag mode, training mode, and options menus. We've also got Windowed support, and joystick support, and a whole truckload of characters and backgrounds and junk to play with.

So come on down to www.fenixware.net/ufge/index.html , and check it out, and drop by our (or the fenixware in general) forums at:



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"Re(1):UFGE Beta .65" , posted Thu 16 Sep 12:59post reply

well i'm sure you couldn't have missed it, but the ends of the stages are probably the most broken part of this i see so far. if both players are in the corner and you jump toward the wall, the enemy things you're on the other side and turns around, so free non-crossups. also i've had it freak out and do a weird after image thing during certain things in the corner. kyo's qcf+lp against the corner also acts strangely, ending up on the other side of the character...sorta.

Oh yeah pushing character is nuts too, it's either hard, or some can't even push others.

i'm not using this on my computer though so i can't really get too deep into the editing til i get home, but i'm definitely interested in this.