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"Any lists & comparisons of SNES-GBA ports?" , posted Sat 6 Mar 09:34post reply

Since I missed out on a lot of SNES games, and since GBA ports of a bunch of those games are available, I was wondering if you guys had bookmarked any pages that focus on listing SNES-GBA ports and providing details of how the two compare. [For some reason, my Google skills are failing me.]

I do know that a lot of reviews of SNES-GBA games cover this topic -- but I'm looking for a page that either compiles a list of all those reviews, or that itself has reviews that would help me to decide whether to get the GBA port or seek out the SNES original to experience the game. (A compiled list would also help me to see what's been put out there so far.)

The kinds of questions I'm seeking to have answered:
- Is the button configuration well-adapted for the fewer number of buttons?
- Does the cropping from the lower resolution make for any sort of problem?
- Did the music take a hit? Or is it it about the same (or, somehow, even better)?
- What new features does the game include (voices, etc.) -- or, what features does the GBA port remove?

For instance -- I have the Rockman & Forte SFC cartridge and played all the way through it, even with my limited Japanese vocab. When I played a bit of the Megaman & Bass GBA cartridge, the only benefit I noticed was an official English translation.

The music did take a hit overall (and the samples in the SFC cartridge weren't anything great to begin with). Though, from what I noticed, percussion was added to the Title Theme, the rest of the music that I heard sounded weaker -- the FM chip didn't seem to be used as an effective replacement.

What's also frustrating is that the one-button dash for Bass/Forte was removed -- dashing requires a double tap. Though it's still manageable, the one-button dash available in the SFC version was so much more convenient. And the GBA port could've easily used a shoulder button for Bass's dash (or even Rock's slide) and used the remaining shoulder button plus Up/Down for weapon select, instead of using both shoulder buttons for the secondary option of instant weapon switch.

At least the cropping with the lowered resolution didn't seem to provide a problem.

I'd recommend to only play through the GBA game for the official English translation -- otherwise, grab the SFC cartridge. (If English is really desired, grab the ROM afterward with an English patch.)

Basically, anything like what's above, hopefully a bit better written. (What I wrote above was just something I quickly put out, comparing from memory.)

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