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"Need SvC artwork for press!" , posted Sun 12 Oct 15:55post reply

I am planning to write a three-page special about SvC, SS0 and other upcoming SNK (and probably Sammy) games. However, for that I need artwork of printable quality - we're talking a couple of thousand pixels each way. A wallpaper sized picture won't do. Twice the size, maybe.

Now, I've already mailed SNK Neo-Geo USA and Shawn without receiving an answer, and today I mailed SNK Playmore Japan themselves. However, if I don't get this artwork quite soon, we won't be able to publish this special, and I'm not entirely confident in SNK's ability to answer in time.

So, if anyone has access to some clean, high res artwork, especially of the SvC poster artwork or, indeed, the SS0 poster, please contact me. I'd really like to see SvC get attention in a major Swedish publication with a circulation of 50,000 copies per month. And of course, I really want to write this article!

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