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"Teizokuon Daydream" , posted Fri 22 Aug 09:44:post reply

This may be old news, but I just noticed it : Teizokuon Daydream will have its own anime series this winter.
I think I spoke about this series here before, it's the really cute and charming story of a young woman who has the power to speak with dead people, and is hired by the government for exorcising. The problem is that she thinks it's a really spooky job to have, and she prefers keeping her part time job as a mistress in a SM club of Roppongi. She is a really cute girl with all the little cute problems a cute girl can have, the absent father, the pilosity (or more exactly non-pilosity) problems, the stalker, etc. In a way, it's like Heidi, except with less Alps and more high heels, whips and dead peoples.
More accurately, it begins with seemingly non related investigations that all have strange ressemblances. In a way, it's close to Tajūjinkakutantei Psycho (multiple personalities detective Psycho), less well done (but far less ungodly complex), without the art of Tajima, and with much more humor. I think it can make a really nice series or a completely crappy one whether which part of the manga they focus on more.
Oh, and about MPD Psycho, everybody should rush on MPD Saichoko, the official 4 koma parodies of the foresaid. When you know the original manga it's the funniest thing man ever created since the discovery of the arcanes of pet exorcism.


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