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"question for the STARGATE folks" , posted Fri 15 Aug 22:36:post reply

just where the hell are you located?

according to this, it's 2117 B Chenevert / Houston, TX 77003. we typed that in mapquest and got an error. apparently, the street no longer exists. one of them ghost streets you hear about on the news. how about some directions, preferably from UH or I-45

waste of gas and two hours of our time. but hey, at least we got to visit the COSTUME OUTLET FACTORY or whatever that crappy building was called

and i still can't find Miguel's cd

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"Re(1):question for the STARGATE folks" , posted Sat 16 Aug 00:39post reply

Well, do you know where Chenevert is? It's on Chenevert...that's right. It's...hmm...I'm horrible with directions, but it's quite close to UH and you can get to it off of Westeimer. Well, OK...Westeimer turns into Elgin and you can take Elgin to UH. Well, anyway...going down Westeimer, past Hancock Fabrics (I go there a lot) it turns into Elgin...soon afterwards you'll hit Chenevert. Take a left on Chenevert and go down...I dunno...it's like...a mile or something. It's not long...you're in a residential-type area. Anyway, after you go down so far you'll hit a little shopping area. The side you'll be seeing will be all closed suites...but if you keep going, you'll see Stargate next to a Lollicup place and some Asian resturaunt. Sorry for the crappy directions...I'll see if I can elaborate later.