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"Contra Storyline" , posted Tue 12 Nov 15:45:post reply

warning: this thread is ripe with spoilers. but anything that's a spoiler to those who haven't played Contra Shattered Soldier (the latest Contra for the ps2) will be guarded with the spoiler tags. enjoy!

i finally "beat" Contra

Spoiler (Highlight to view) -
normally, after finishing off the alien that Lance fused with, there's a little dialogue where Lance tells of the aliens' true intention and you're off on another mission to stop the real bad guys. anyways, instead of that happening, the game ended!!? the good part is that i finally unlocked more stuff in the Etc menu. the bad part is that i had several continues left and i was very ready to beat the game

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some of the extra stuff unlocked in the Etc menu
- Database
- Theater
- ??? (one option didn't unlock >_< i'll try my best later and see what i can do. maybe if i beat all the stages with S Rank @_@)

Spoiler (Highlight to view) -
actually, there was only one movie that was available under Theater, which was the damn ending i got. i say "damn ending" because i was very disappointed with it. i'm guessing it's the "common ending" that most people will get. anyways, since there's four spots available, i'm thinking that if i choose a different stage to complete first, i'll get a different ending. or maybe i can get a different ending by playing as Lucia since i've only gotten to the "real mission" afterwards while playing as her. who knows

End of Spoiler

the following info was available under Database. it probably would've been a lot easier if i had a capture card. and the art was sweet too T_T (although a lot of it was blocked by text) oh well

Contra, a title awarded to a superior soldier possessing almost super human drive and ability, while excelling in guerilla tactics.

Bill Rizer
Bill was hailed as a war hero after he and his partner, Lance Bean, stopped the Alien invasion. Though after the war, he was jailed for crimes against humanity and the murder of Lance. 6 years pass before his release on a special condition to neutralize "Blood Falcon."

A cyborg created to be the ultimate warrior. Demented genius, Dr. Geo Mandrake, originally planned to use alien DNA to create cyborgs to his own nefarious plans... However, he inadvertently thwarted his own plans. The military then appropriated the concepts and completed Lucia. She has been assigned as Bill's partner as well as his watchdog.

Lance Bean
Lance was a war hero and Bill's partner in defeating the alien invasion. He was presumed dead after being murdered by Bill 6 years prior. However, he has surfaced as the leader of "Blood Falcon," an organization intent on destroying existence. How he survived and his true purpose are shrouded in mystery.

The Triumvirate
Gaius, Nero and Commodus represent the highest authority of the Earth Federation Government. They have ruled continuously for hundreds of years due to prolonged life through their cybernetic implants. Cerebral implants also allow them to share their thoughts -- creating a single entity united in mind and purpose.

2631 (Contra) The Galuga Archipelago Incident
In 2631 AD, a meteorite hit the archipelago of Galuga, near New Zealand. 2 years later, information by the navel HQ determined that a militant group called "Red Falcon" had started to fortify the area as a staging ground for an alien invasion. Bill Rizer and Lance Bean -- Contra -- were sent in to neutralize the operation. The mission was successfully completed: however, the information was deemed classified by naval hierarchy and never became public knowledge.

2634 (Super Contra) GX Military Training Accident
In December 2634 AD, a disturbing distress signal was sent from General Hal. The message originated in South America, at the GX military training facility, Site 7. Perturbed by the message, the Federation sent in Contra (Bill and Lance) to investigate. What they discovered was a mutated form of aliens that they had previously neutralized. Contra was again successful in neutralizing the aliens. The incident was again classified with the only release to the public being that it was a training accident.

2635 (Operation C) Discovery of a Country's Agenda
In 2635 AD, an undisclosed country experiments with and adapts aliens and their technology to create new weapons of war. The Federation discovers this agenda and sends in their alien expert, Bill Rizer, to shut it down. He infiltrates an island in the South Pacific, goes through perimeter defenses and enters the facility itself to finally eliminate all traces of the aliens and their technology.

2636 (Contra III) Alien War
The aliens launch an all-out offensive in 2636 AD, after Contra thwarts their numerous attempts to infiltrate Earth. This time, their sheer numbers, technology, and power overwhelm humanity, bringing them to their knees. Bill and Lance rise again to destroy the commanding core of the invasion leading to the eventual victory for humanity.

2641 (Contra HardCorps) Bahamut Riot
In 2641 AD, alien cells kept at a military research center are stolen in a terrorist attack. Contra HardCorps, comprised of Ray Poward and 3 other members, are assigned to the investigation. They discover that retired Major Bahamut is implicated. He had conspired with Dr. Mandrake to develop a biological weapon using alien cells as leverage to overthrow the government, but Contra HardCorps was successful in preventing the coup d'etat.

2642 - Hyper-Magnetic Weapon Malfunction
In 2642 AD, a hyper-magnetic weapons grid under development malfunctions and explodes, causing destruction on a global scale. The final toll on the human lives from the disaster reaches 80% of the planet's total population. Intensive investigation follows the incident with the conclusion that it was not a malfunction, but a calculated act of Bill Rizer, hero of the Alien War. The investigative team also reports that Lance Bean was murdered while trying to prevent this atrocity.

2647 - Blood Falcon
In 2647 AD, a highly militant organization begins operations. They seem to engage in many indiscriminate acts of violence and destruction without and clear intent. Having access to superior technology and biological weapons, they remind many of the nightmares of the aliens and Red Falcon.

ah yes, and for you hardcore story junkies (Rugal! haha)

Spoiler (Highlight to view) -
i don't remember the story exactly but Earth took an artifact from a planet (not sure which. Jupiter maybe) and afterwards, the alien infiltrations began. at the end of the "real ending," the Triumvirate was extracting energy from the artifact when you arrive

End of Spoiler

WHOOOOOOOOOOSSSH!! like the wind!

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by the way, does someone have the link for the Contra Shattered Soldier intro? i lost it and i want my friend to see it very badly T_T

hm, i don't think any info was taken out while editing the post. posts with lots of spoilers are tricky to edit @_@ oh yes, and i have the game paused at the moment. i'm halfway through the fourth stage and only one life has been spared. mustn't jinx it but whoooo!!

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"Re(1):Contra Storyline" , posted Tue 12 Nov 18:16post reply

Still using doujin tags, eh? ^_^
So, Hard Corps takes place BEFORE this game? I'm surprised.

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"Re(2):Contra Storyline" , posted Tue 12 Nov 19:37post reply

Still using doujin tags, eh? ^_^
So, Hard Corps takes place BEFORE this game? I'm surprised.

doujin tags are the best tags! :D

man, i thought HardCorps was in the distant future as well. not so much the storyline, but because ... well ...
"Contra HardCorps, comprised of Ray Poward and 3 other members, are assigned to the investigation."
3 other members?! i'm sure they mean one human, wolf guy, and robot dude that robot's a riot!
i wonder what wolfy's story is. a new race or altered dna or something?

oh yea, i decided to unspoiler the last two dates above in my first post. first, the profiles of Rizer and Bean give away some of the info. second, it's sorta common knowledge. it's not too big of a spoiler anyways

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"Extra Contra Shattered Soldier Info" , posted Wed 13 Nov 16:03:post reply

regarding the ending

Spoiler (Highlight to view) -
i think i finally figured out how to get different endings. it all depends on your score! i'm pretty certain it's the score you get during Stage 5, but it may be your overall average from all the stages. four different endings, four different scores -- S, A, B, & C. just my theory

End of Spoiler

regarding the final boss

Spoiler (Highlight to view) -
i won't say much about the boss, but i will say that whatever artifact or relic that they took from Jupiter (yep, it's confirmed that they took it from Jupiter) has something to do with evolution. maybe the Triumvirate was examining the artifact to try and unlock true immortality? who knows. i have yet to beat the game >_<

End of Spoiler

forget it. everything i've said about the endings are probably wrong. every time i think i've pinpointed it, i try it out in the game and it doesn't seem to work. I'M LOSING MY MIND!!!

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