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"Please help! Advanced Qs about Tekkaman Blade" , posted Wed 10 Jul 22:32post reply

Hey, long time listener, first time caller. I need someone with any information regarding the following to help me out. In the special features section of a Tekkaman Blade DVD set I recently bought (Entire series of Tekkaman Blade 1) it shows small portions of 3 Tekkaman related anime I'd NEVER heard of before, and being a huge fan, this greatly disturbed me. The first was an animated short entitled "Twin Blood" which appeared to be a way better animated, more "Generator Gawl"-esque take on Tekkaman, that was just a short fight between Blade and Evil. The 2nd was a way more emotional account of Evil's part after Blade finally defeats him, also way better animated. The 3rd was what APPEARED to be a preview of something called "Tekkaman Blade Missing Ling" (Yes, spelled with a G), and it looked like it bridged the gap between Tekkaman Blade one in 2. It was also very well animated, but really didnt show that much, which led me to believe it a preview. Problem is, none of these shorts had subtitles. They were all in Japanese, so I couldnt figure out what the hell was going on, and, like I said, being the huge fan I am, was blown away. Does anyone have any info at all abou the anomolies? Please help, and thanx for your time.

Wed 10 Jul 2002 22:19