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"Guitaroo Man Is EVIL!!!" , posted Tue 11 Jun 13:13post reply

I just took my friend Nikki to buy a PS2 and she nabbed Guitaroo Man, GT3, and Space Channel 5, which is a DC game, yes, I know. We didn't get around to playing GT3, and the voice acting on Space Channel 5 is Blah, though it's not as bad as, oh, let's say, Resident Evil, but, really, how much can you take of a monotone, "Shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot," before going insane? I'll blab about SC5 some other time, but this thread is s'posed to be about Guitaroo Man.

So, getting to the game and why I think it's EVIL, has anyone ever played this game? The concept isn't that hard to grasp, like most rhythm games, you tap buttons out according to the song, but also hold down buttons and directions to go along with guitar riffs, but actually implementing them is another thing...

Almost everyone died on the second level, if not the first and it took awhile for us to see that it didn't necessarily go to the beat of the music, rather what's being played in the foreground, but, yes, getting to the EVIL part.

This game looks like, a is probably meant to be a little kid's game, but it's insanely hard. I'd like to see my baby cousin in the second grade belt out the button taps required in that damn Bone Stage, hell, even the Mojo King Bee Level. What kind of EVIL Schmoe makes something that looks like a kiddie game, but operates on a level waaaaay above that! That's just positively EVIL!

Don't you agree? If not, feel free to flame, but, for some reason, I have an odd, and adamant, stand on this... Grrr to the EVIL Schmoe who is secretly plotting against people like my Baby Cousin. Protect yourself and all all Baby Cousins out there from... GUITAROO MAN!

"You should get to know me better no one's every what they seem."


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"Re(1):Guitaroo Man Is EVIL!!!" , posted Tue 11 Jun 14:15post reply

i don't think gitaroo man is evil. i think its one of the most original games i've played in a LOOOONG time. and also the best music game EVER!!

and about the difficulty. after i tried a while on the mojo king bee level i got the timing down right, and then i really had no problems. except of course the last level, which requires zen-like skills in some parts. but i beat it, it wasn't too hard.

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"Re(1):Guitaroo Man Is EVIL!!!" , posted Tue 11 Jun 14:20post reply

I don't think Gitarooman is aimed at kids at all. I mean, sure, it may attract some kids, but that's only because of the art. 326 is a famous artist in Japan and he's NOT a children's artist. He may do cartoony pictures, but it's not like he does children's books or anything. A lot of his work takes a little more appreciation in art than I child has. (in my opionion)
While it may be rough on a little kid, Gitarooman is totally not hard. Well, OK...it's PAINFULLY hard on Master's mode, but most of my friends who played it went through the whole game and only continued once. (and then a few times on the last level) If it wasn't for Master's mode, I'd say Gitarooman was too EASY.
However, I'm beginning to think that my opinion may be invalid, due to the fact that everyone is complaining about the game.

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"Re(2):Guitaroo Man Is EVIL!!!" , posted Tue 11 Jun 15:51post reply

Bah, the US version is whack. My friend played the Japanese version, then the US one against someone else, and it's like they made it impossible for the badguys to win (on 2P mode). The game should've been left alone...