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"Of all the old SNES games...(Earthbound)" , posted Wed 5 Jun 21:51:post reply

...i wish that they would do a port of EarthBound for GBA. I never did finish that game...

Wanna know something pathetic? The thing that got me thinking about earthbound lately is the fact that the background for the new Ja Rule song/video, Down 4 U, sounds like earthbound music with a thumping beat. Download it, you'll see!

Even though the answer is obvious, anyone else here like earthbound?

I wanted more earthbounders as playable in SSBM...

B: Bazooka. Fires buckshot, but knocks jeff on his ass.

Up + B: Big Bottle Rocket. He lights it, grabs the bottom, and goes flying!

Down + B: Slime Generator. Squirts slime on the ground. Stops opponent in place.

Side + B: Hungry HP sucker. Adds 5% to opponents damage, and takes it from jeffs.


B: Pray. Does random things, kind of like G&W's Flag, only most of the things are curative.

Up + B: Psi Magnet. Not the same as in the game. She magnets FAST towards any player above her.

Down + B: Psi Shield. Like Mega Man's leaf shield in MvC.

Side + B: Franklin Badge. Sucks in any projectile in the vicinity, then fires a semi-quick lighting bolt at whoever threw the fireball.


B: Psi starstorm. Couple of stars fly in from the side of the screen in a horizontal line across where poo is standing. Like the beedrill pokemon attack in the first one, except not as long.

Side + B: Brainshock. Reverses opponents controls for a short time.

Up + B: Teleport. If done on the ground, he runs back and forth on whatever platform hes on, doing damage. He then teleports up. If done in the air, spins around a couple times then teleports up.

Down+B: Mirror. Morph into a random opponent for 30 seconds.

Um, not quite sure why I wrote all that...


Bolischoy Tavieda!


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"Re(1):Of all the old SNES games...(Earthbound" , posted Wed 5 Jun 22:27post reply

Mmm...Psi Starstorm, Bottle Rockets and the Franklin Badge, Earthbound was shiny, in its own unique way. I'd love to see it come to the GBA, whether it's a port or a 2D sequel.

I remember naming Ness' special Psi attack the Psi Sword!

So, what did everyone else name Ness' special?

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"Re(2):Of all the old SNES games...(Earthbound" , posted Sat 8 Jun 17:29post reply

Earthbound (Mother 2) is one of the greatest RPGs I have ever played. I love it. I was hoping so much for Mother 3 on the 64, and it didn't come through. I'm still hoping for Mother 3 on the Gamecube now. I would love a port of it to the GBA. One awesome part of the game is after beating it

Spoiler (Highlight to view) -
you can still walk around till you go home, so you can travel all through the world!

End of Spoiler

I love the game. I play it still sometimes, when I hook up my SNES. I can't remember what I named the PSI attack last time.